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WorkXplore Version 2017 R2


New capabilities in the 2017 R2 edition of WORKXPLORE, are maintaining the powerful high speed CAD viewer and analyser’s long tradition of updating format support and new enhancements.

Icons and Graphics Refurbishing

This WORKXPLORE version presents a brand-new icon style common to all VERO products.

In addition, the right-hand side toolbar has been replaced by a quick access menu (HUD) located in the upper-left corner of the 3D view.

This menu contains all the functionalities that were available in the toolbar that, by default, has been removed.

PCDMIS File Import/Export

WORKXPLORE is now able to read and write CAD files of PCDMIS. This will offer it as a collaboration tool between the VISI and PCDMIS packages.

EDGECAM Part File Import

The reading of EDGECAM models includes the solids, fixtures and stock from an EDGECAM part file. This possibility gives EDGECAM customers the ability to annotate for machine setup sheets.

Native File Preview

WORKXPLORE has now the possibility to preview the models before their import. This could be very useful when loading big size parts or just some components of an assembly.

When an assembly node is clicked in the WORKXPLORE import window, whenever available, some information about it (preview image, file path, size) is displayed.

Picture previews are almost always available with CATIA V5 and SolidWorks but also other formats such as NX can provide a picture preview.

3D SpaceMouse Integration

3Dconnection’s family of SpaceMouse products provides a comfortable and natural way to interact with the digital content of WORKXPLORE making it easier to focus on your design.

OpenGL Mode Analysis

WORKXPLORE uses two rendering modes of the OpenGL library which have a different behaviour in terms of performance when processing big data. Clearly, these performances also depend on the computer configuration, especially the graphic card.

Object VISIbility Pre-sets

It is now possible to create object visibility preset with the function available in the assembly panel.

Dynamic Section

The dynamic section toolbar layout has been changed to make it clearer and more compact.

A new behavior has been introduced concerning the section filling. When a picking is done while the section is active (for example a point creation), it is not possible to pick something hidden by the section if it is drawn opaquely. Nevertheless, if the section is drawn in transparent, it is possible to pick what is visible.

Properties/Group Properties Multiselection

It is now possible to select several nodes in the assembly tree to display and save their properties.

Creation of Line Perpendicular to a Surface

The function is accessible from the Create Lines menu.

Creation of Line Tangent to Curve

This new function allows the user to select a point on a curve and then create a line oriented from the tangent of this curve. The function is accessible from the Create Lines menu

Curve Tangency Measure

This feature allows to measure the tangency difference between two curves that join on the same point.

Plane Hole Patch Enhancements

The function is still available from the Create Faces toolbar.
There are now two ways to create patches: Edge selection and Face selection.


This release continues WXP’s long tradition of bringing updated format support and continued enhancements and fixes to further improve the robustness and performance of interoperability.


WorkXplore Version 2017 R1


New capabilities in the 2017 edition of WORKXPLORE, are maintaining the powerful high speed CAD viewer and analyser’s long tradition of updating format support and new enhancements.


New items of functionality for the new WORKXPLORE 2017 R1’s translators:
•    3D PDF support for mesh writing
•    JTOpen support for mesh writing
•    Reader and writer support for MEG files.

MEG File Import/Export

It is now possible to import MEG (Used by EDGECAM) files into WORKXPLORE, and Solid and Mesh models can be exporter in the MEG format.

Curvature Analysis

The object being analysed can now be displayed with colours corresponding to curvature radius values defined as ranges. New radius values can be added and edited interactively, and colours can be displayed in either flat or gradient mode.

Toolbar Button Captions Show/Hide Function

The software now comes with the option to show or hide toolbar button captions, meaning it is now possible to choose whether the toolbar button captions are displayed or not. The option is set in the application parameter window.


WorkXplore Version 2016 R2


Use Predefined Tolerance of Triangulation on Import

Use Multisampling for Better Display

Mesh Management Improvement

Drag & Drop Improvement

During a drag & drop if the format of the file can contain 2D or 3D data (Catia V4 .model, NX .prt…) a panel allow the user to choose which entities he wants to import. This behaviour can be enabled/disabled with a general parameter.

Import WorkZone is no longer available with the Win32 version of WORKXPLORE.

3D and 2D Text Edition Improvement

3D and 2D texts can now be resized and edited interactively in the 3D view. The text edition window is now shared between 2D and 3D texts.

Export in OBJ and PLY Formats

It is now possible to export solids and meshes in OBJ and PLY formats.


WorkXplore Version 2016 R1


Re-engineered Animation Engine

The animation engine has been completely reviewed to make animation sequences more realistic whilst making the animation creation process much simpler. In this new version, animation creation is time-based and no longer according to the number of positions. Several movements for a part or a group of parts can be defined. These can be simple individual movements or a set of combined movements. This new process means that all movements within an assembly can be validated and, for example, allow collisions to be detected or be used in conjunction with procedural documentation to ensure correct assembly.

Batch Mode File Conversion

A new, independent tool for converting very large native or standard CAD files (or a large number of files) to the WORKXPLORE format. In previous versions, the application could not be used during the file conversion process. From now on, file processing is fully automated and is totally transparent. Users can continue working normally with the application.
Requests for conversion can be triggered by the user or the tool itself if it has been programmed to process certain files at predetermined locations when they are modified or created.

Entity Management Improvements

All entities - both model and wireframe - which are present in the CAD file are shown in the assembly tree structure.
A tree assembly search function based on entity names is now available and wildcard characters (* and ?) are also supported.
Entity management is now much easier; they can be searched, grouped together, classified...

Surface « patching »

It may occure that certain part surfaces are missing after a file has been imported and this can be detrimental when analyzing a part.  The new surface patch function allows this problem to be resolved. Users can now create surfaces by defining contour curves and if these are based on existing surface edges, patched surfaces can be made to be tangent to the existing surfaces. Internal curves can also be added to give a better definition to the form of the patched surfaces.

Numerous features and improvements

The wide range of new features and improvements introduced in this new version offer greater flexibility to WORKXPLORE throughout the whole production process, including steps such as purchasing, quotations, design and marketing.
- Generating bills of Materials
- Line thickness selection of dynamic sectioning
- Solidworks Import
- Link curves
- Importing Solidworks 2D


WorkXplore Version 2015


Animation Module

The WORKXPLORE animation module has been completely rewritten and is now time-based instead of being based on a number of positions. A hierarchical system allows entities to be dependent on other entities meaning that the movements of linked entities are synchronized. An object or a group of objects can be animated using a series of consecutive movements which, in turn, can themselves be composed of several elementary movements. It is also possible to add stylistic effects which affect color and opacity, for example.

All Entities Displayed in the Assembly Structure Tree

The assembly tree now contains all entities which are currently loaded into memory.

Tree Assembly Searching by Name

A tree assembly search function based on entity names is now available and wildcard characters (* and ?) are also supported.

Surface Patching

Surface patching is now possible by defining contour curves and if these are based on existing surface edges, patched surfaces can be made to be tangent to the existing surfaces. Internal curves can also be added to give a more precise definition to the form of the patched surfaces.

Link Curve

This function allows curve creation to link two existing curves with tangency at connection points. Tension values can be adjusted to precisely define curvature.

CLS License Management System

The CLS license management system, used throughout the Hexagon Group, has been adopted for WORKXPLORE.

Generating Bills of Materials

This function allows a bill of materials to be generated for the contents of a file; different entities are grouped together based on their names (or partial names) and the list can be exported in .txt or .csv formats.

ISO File Simulation

ISO NC files can now be simulated. The source file and the 3D model file are positionally synchronized allowing precise simulation of the cutter trajectory. Analysis, performed when reading the file, allows any errors to be detected; for example, errors related to circular interpolation.

Section Trace Line Thickness

The thickness of the dynamic sectioning trace line can now be defined by the user; thickness definition is saved and restored when the application is run again.

Mobile Application

A new mobile application running on IOS and Android systems allows 3D models exported from WORKXPLORE to be displayed, analyzed and measured.

Batch Conversion

Batch conversion is a standalone application which converts CAD files to the WORKXPLORE format without monopolizing WORKXPLORE resources allowing the user to continue working as normal. Task requests to the converter can be manual or programmed automatically.