WorkXplore 2016R2

Use Predefined Tolerance of Triangulation on Import

Use Multisampling for Better Display

Mesh Management Improvement

Drag & Drop Improvement

During a drag & drop if the format of the file can contain 2D or 3D data (Catia V4 .model, NX .prt…) a panel allow the user to choose which entities he wants to import. This behaviour can be enabled/disabled with a general parameter.

Import WorkZone is no longer available with the Win32 version of WorkXplore.

3D and 2D Text Edition Improvement

3D and 2D texts can now be resized and edited interactively in the 3D view. The text edition window is now shared between 2D and 3D texts.

Export in OBJ and PLY Formats

It is now possible to export solids and meshes in OBJ and PLY formats.